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Core 4 Range

Our no frills range of wheel refurbishment by powder coating.


This is our most popular option. For people that wish to just rejuvinate their standard silver coloured wheels maybe before selling or just to refresh pitted tired wheels.


Another popular colour that compliments the oe look of the car without harming residule values. A lot of the people that buy premium brands go for this. You can never fail with black on black.


This is a very popular colour of wheel to give you car a mean and moody look, Anthracite similar to gunmetal grey is a great colour to move away from the normal standard OEM look of a car.


We can powder coat any alloy wheels in white. some people choose this for the motorsport look or to brighten up what might be a dull silver.


About Amy's International
Everything you see here brought to you by our friendly staff who love wheels.

We do the full wheel refinishing thing but our main goal is to provide you the customer with the highest quality powder coating solutions at the cheapest posssible prices.. you will notice that our competitors charge dependant on size of wheels... why? With us its one fee for any size. Tell your friends. Everything you see here brought to you by our friendly staff who love wheels. Amy's International is a wheel refinnishing company, we have full expertise to undertake any type of wheel refurbishment job from rim repair, to alloy wheel refurbishment, to dimond cutting, we do it all! Out with our very popular 'Core 4' range we have a host of different colours and textures of paint and powder to refinnish any alloy wheel to your desired specification or chosen colour. Here at Amy's we aim to please, if there is a certain custom rim colour option that you would like to have on your wheel please get in contact and we will be happy to help out.

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